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Hello my friend,

My name Paul Aloo, a son & servant of God, businessman, investor, mentor, and philanthropist. I love God and I love people.


By the grace, calling, gifts and love of God bestowed on me, I have been able to train, counsel or mentor 300+ people;  families, couples, Pastors, churches, businesses, and more, from various paces such as Florida, California, Oklahoma, New York, Maryland, South Carolina, Pakistan, India, Cameroon Africa, Congo, Kenya, France.

I am the Founder of Glorious Destiny, Corp. an organization dedicated to glorifying God by helping people know Him, discover & fulfill their vision. We are also a conglomerate of companies ranging from web and mobile technologies, stocks portfolio, consulting, crypto currencies, start up development & angel investing.

I had the desire to help more people. Through experience, researches, and prayers, I knew that starting the Success Draft platform will be the right solution.  Whatever your dream is,  we will help you refine your vision, get relevant knowledge, understanding, wisdom and we will personally help you draft a plan for success.


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Growth is a journey that starts with a decision

Success = (Vision + Knowledge + Understanding + Wisdom + Drafted Plan) + EXECUTION